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Why Generating Leads From Exhibitions & Roadshows is NOT ENOUGH To Grow Your Business

Directory and cold calling used to be my best friend too… until we get to know how to acquire customers on Google and Facebook.

Did You Accept An Offer From Stranger Immediately?

Think about the telemarketers from banks. Did you accept their credit card offer from the get go?

What about the flyers distributed by promoters when you are walking past Tesco?

When was the last time you accepted an offer from a random conversation

Especially from someone you don’t even know.

Here is the truth:

It is the same with cold calling, canvassing, roadshows and exhibitions.

People have built an immunity towards them, and they can smell it across the street.

You might have noticed that successful calls are getting harder to comeby.

People are too busy to pick up calls, sometimes even annoyed because you disrupted their Youtube video.

There is nothing wrong with generating leads from roadshows & exhibitions.

It’s just that we live in a world where things move fast and attention span is a scarcity.

Cold-calling and canvassing just isn’t as efficient as it used to be.

Here’s why:

Your Prospect Finds It Hard To Trust You

Especially in a world with so much noise where it is tough to build trust

For any sales to happen, you need to earn your prospect trust before you are able to talk about your products. 

In a face to face setting, especially in roadshows, it is difficult to build in-depth trust UNLESS that person is willing to spare their precious time to listen to you.

Chances are, it’s gonna be tough, especially when you doing roadshows or cold-calls. 

Not to mention “remembering you”.

“That’s why we handover flyers and brochures right?”

How many of you actually read the brochures or flyers you got from roadshows and exhibitions?

Chances are, people probably only glanced through and it end up sitting in the trash can or a pile of recycle papers.

Your flyer most likely end up here.

The logic is simple – if it doesn’t interest you, you are not gonna read it. 

The fundamental behind such cold approach a.k.a. roadshow, exhibitions is to attract the right people with HOPING they will come.

This strategy may work in 90s where the world is less proliferated, but in today’s world where everything is a distraction, think about it for a second. 

Will this time consuming and labour intensive strategy work for you in the long run, especially in today’s time…

What If There Is A Better Way To Do This?

A way where prospects know about you before you even approach them.

Earn their trust, convince them and you will get the sale.

Did you search for reviews before you make a purchase? 

Did you browse through Youtube videos to seek for validation? 

Or you’ve watched a blogger’s recommendation on a certain product?

That’s right. 99% of the people do their research online (just like you) before they buy. 

Chances are, your prospect is the same. 

So the idea is instead of you chasing after them and hoping that they will appear, we will build a lead magnet online to attract them.

Based on our experience, here are the 3 outcomes that will likely to happen: 

  • Prospects attracted to you knowing you can solve their problem
  • Move into discussing solution direction without asking “how’s the weather”
  • Lead going into your inbox directly without the need to crawl directory listing

Would this be something that you want?

A Digital Marketing Consulting Firm

We turn prospect into customers with strategic marketing executions like content marketing, search engine marketing & email marketing.

Our 3 Steps Lead Generation Framework

Where We Send Quality Leads Directly Into Your Inbox

1. Profile Your Audience

We find out your customer’s pain points and what makes them tick. At this stage, we will map out the whole customer journey – from initial interest to purchase. 

In other words, we know exactly what their concerns are in every purchasing phase, which moves us to the next part.

2. Dedicated Landing Page

With that, we run targeted ads to them with, driving them to a dedicated landing page with an irresistable offer that makes them take action. Of course, qualifying them too.

Whether it’s downloading a whitepaper, scheduling a call or exclusive discount, we craft copies that makes the audience tick.

3. Instant Notification Alert

Noone wants to leave a hot lead waiting. 

So we built a system where whenever a lead sign up, it would go directly into your inbox so you can contact them fast. 

Afterall, leads are the hottest the very moment when they submit.

P/S: With this the landing page will work for you 24/7 🙂

And Many More...

Channel Planning

Not every business is suited to advertise on Facebook and Google, we find out where your target audience lurk, and we target them.

Retargeting & Lookalike

Just like how AirAsia ad often appears in your newsfeed, we do the same to your prospects to turn them into your leads.

Reporting & Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t grow it. This is why we do in-depth analysis which covers figures, actions taken, A/B tests we made and most importantly result.

Craft Call To Action

We craft an irresistible offer that triggers the prospect to take action. We write copies that make people click and take action.

Mobile Friendly

As most searches are happening on mobile now, we made sure our landing page is mobile friendly to fully utilize the traffic.

Email Notification

Both the lead and you will receive an email notification so you can take action immediately. With this, your team can take action without any delay.

A Extra Lead Gen Channel Will Grow Your Business

You know you’re interested if you’ve read so far. 

While I can’t guarantee that this will work for every industry, however you owe it to yourself to jump onto a free consultation call (yes it’s free, no strings attached).

Many of my clients are able to strategically position themselves online – whether to capture leads, nurturing or even content marketing.

Most importantly, they found a new way to run marketing which compliments their business model.

And it all starts with a free consultation call.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Carl was managing our PPC campaign, he helped us to reduce CPA by 50% while increasing leads over 100 percent!
Amanda from IME
Amanda Teoh
Operations Manager, IME
Carl has helped me in crafting OOKAS brand identity, he is always in tip toe condition and provides solid marketing suggestions.
Koo Yiap Yew
Carl shared a lot about digital marketing knowledge to me. Always came out with great ideas and not forget his good execution to make things happen.
Samantha from Lelong
Samantha Chow

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